About Us

Established in 1986, Bhavishya is the social initiatives committee at Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. We organise a variety of activities to engage students of the IIM Lucknow fraternity, improve the society & environment and gain a deeper understanding of the issues enveloping us.

Through these activities, we aim to make the students aware and conscientious. We believe that the future leaders of the country must be cognizant of the prevalent problems and seek innovative ideas for resolution. Bhavishya takes the first step towards building an inclusive and sustainable society by sourcing opportunities for the students to contribute towards alleviation of the problems.

Some of our primary initiatives include Paarijat, Saidapur Village Development, and Evening School. In addition, we organize annual events such as blood donation and consumer awareness camps, medical camps, community visits and a fundraising event - Harmony Cup.


Making future leaders understand the importance of holistic social development in order to instill the value of sustainable business practices and make social responsibility a cornerstone of every business.


To impact lives and improve the social fabric of our community by targeting root causes such as education, sanitation, mental and physical health, etc.

Our People

Team Bhavishya has 9 members from both the batches, thus making it a 18 member committee. Every year, 9 members are chosen from the incoming batch through a rigorous selection process that tests the applicant’s aptitude, capability and commitment towards the various causes of Bhavishya. More than 200 students apply out of which 9 members are finally chosen.

Current Team


Bhavishya Alumni