RTE Act Implementation

India’s complex social norms are often times at odds with its collective aspirations. Overcoming such norms requires campaigns/programs that influence behaviours and mindsets. Indus Action is one such organization whose aspiration is to be a role model policy implementation organization that significantly moves the needle on deep societal attitudes and beliefs. Its primary vision is to foster a million inclusive schools in India through effective implementation of Section 12(1)(c) under Right to Education Act, 2010 under its Project Eklavya. Recognizing the similarities in our objective to foster inclusive and quality education, Bhavishya has partnered with Indus Action for effective implementation of RTE Act in Lucknow and across Uttar Pradesh.

Under Section 12(1)(c) of the RTE Act, every private unaided school in the country is obligated to keep 25% of its seats in the entering class (KG/Class 1) reserved for children from economically weaker and socially backward sections of the society, and provide education to them free of cost. Indus Action aims to help India achieve this through enrolment campaigns across the country in the next 5 years that increase the fill rate of 1 Million seats from current low levels (<30%) to tipping point levels (>80%).

Project Eklavya has been successfully piloted in Delhi and increased fill rate through effective campaign by 80%. To execute Project Eklavya in Delhi, Indus Action had done ground research to identify the number of beneficiaries and micro targeted high density areas.

Bhavishya’s strategic support to Indus Action

Overall, Uttar Pradesh has approx. 6 lakh admission seats under the RTE section 12(1)(c). In Lucknow district, the estimate is about 25,000 every year. Indus Action has partnered with Bhavishya IIM-L for successful implementation of its Project Eklavya in Uttar Pradesh. Thus, Bhavishya provides assistance to Indus Action in the following areas:

  1. Strategy for campaign and its long term sustainability : To support in the strategy formulation for a community based campaign and its long term sustainability. As part of this, Bhavishya IIM-L identifies low-income areas on basis of research and proposes micro-targeting mechanisms to reach these families.
  2. Advisory Board : Project Eklavya Lucknow is planning to form a local advisory which will help/support the Partner Entrepreneur to make Project Eklavya in Uttar Pradesh successful on all metrics. One member from Bhavishya IIM-L will be a part of this advisory board for Project Eklavya Lucknow.
  3. Expansion : Indus Action has an aggressive expansion plan as mentioned below within the specified time frame. Bhavishya IIM-L is in plans to work along with Indus Action in each city of expansion and support the selected districts in aggressive strategic plan of campaign and execution.