Village Development

We, at Bhavishya, have adopted a neighbouring village named Saidapur with the intention to transform and develop the village. Bhavishya started off with the aspiration to make the village dwellers self-reliant through inculcation of sustainable practices in their daily lives. Through our fund-raising events, we aim to ensure progress in the field of education, healthcare, infrastructure, women empowerment, sanitation, waste management, sustainable agricultural practices, skill development, and employment generation. Our primary role is to facilitate and expedite the implementation of various government policies and schemes. We have renovated and repaired the school, built a drainage system and conducted many sanitation awareness drives and cloth distribution drives. In association with Lion’s Club, Lucknow, we have successfully conduct annual medical camps. These camps benefit 100+ villagers and provide them with medical assistance from ayurvedic, homeopathic and allopathic doctors.