Evening School

You can contribute in your own way:

  1. Tutor or mentor kids in the evening school on at least 1 day from Mondays to Fridays every week.
  2. Come share your skills in arts/dance/theater by volunteering during our special events.
  3. Gift textbooks to children who can’t afford them.
  4. Gift board games or educational aids to the evening school.

Village Development

We call upon all those who want to develop Saidapur with us. Here are a few ways in which you can contribute:

  1. Conduct surveys to understand the most important needs of villagers.
  2. Brainstorm innovative ideas that can help develop the village.
  3. Conduct awareness sessions that can change attitude and behaviour of villagers towards important issues such as open defecation, vaccination, waste disposal, etc.
  4. Liaison with government authorities to fast-track development projects in the village.